Getting Started With An Inflatable Toy Business

If someone wishes to start their own business renting out commercial inflatable bouncers, they will enjoy the profit they retain from the endeavor. Inflatable bouncing toys are a great addition to any type of party, particularly those where children are invited. A service can bring an inflatable toy to the property, have it blown up quickly, and will remove it when the party has commenced. There are a few costs the person starting the business will need to be aware of so they make the most profit from their time.


Incorporate gas, time for setup, and insurance into the price quoted to customers. Backyard inflatables will bring in a profit only during one part of the year. Because of this, the prices should be inflated a bit to make up for the lack of rentals during the off-season. Get the word out to customers with the right type of advertising. Place ads in party stores, schools and churches so those who would be most inclined in renting equipment would know where to acquire these products when needed.

Some new business owners find that weather can make such a large impact on the profit retained. They may consider upgrading their business to offer inflatables to use inside. They may also decide to open a facility where these inflatables are used year-round. The owner would need to incur the cost for renting a building and additional insurance if they decide to go this route.

Having a large variety of inflatables is key in getting customers. Upgrade the number used yearly so there is always a new piece available for rental. Many enjoy having inflatables with water, such as a slide or pool to use during hot weather. Considering finding a inflatable water slides for sale can make any party exciting for children.

Make sure to alert those renting the equipment about the safety risks involved before they start using the inflatables. Having someone give a safety lesson to the renter is best as they will be able to see first hand how to utilize the equipment while it is on their property.

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